What is the environment and where is the justice?

https://soundcloud.com/sadie-beaton/what-is-the-environment-and-where-is-the-justice What is environmentalism? What do we mean when we talk about “the environment” here on unceded Mi'kmaq territory? Who defines what's included in that meaning, and what's left out?  At Shades of Green, these juicy questions have led to... well, more questions. The Canadian Encyclopedia tells us that the environmental movement got started in the … Continue reading What is the environment and where is the justice?


Silver Donald Cameron

One of Canada's most versatile, experienced and busy, professional authors, Dr. Silver Donald Cameron is the Host and Executive Producer of TheGreenInterview.com, an environmental website devoted to in-depth conversations with thinkers and activists who are leading the way to a sustainable future. Interviewees have included green giants like Vandana Shiva, Farley Mowat, Robert Bateman, Jane … Continue reading Silver Donald Cameron