Hello and Welcome!

This website is here to share an exploration of “environmental justice” in Nova Scotia, part of the unceded territory of Mi’kma’ki.

This exploration is part of a case study being compiled as part of, Community Conservation Research Network (CCRN) case study at Ecology Action Centre (EAC), a non-governmental environmental organization (ENGO) based in Halifax, also known as K’jipuktuk.

In the last few years, EAC has embarked on an intentional journey to better engage around power and privilege in their environmental work around the cross-cutting theme of “environmental justice.”  Recognizing that ENGO culture is steeped in a legacy of colonialism, racism, elitism, sexism, (etc), these efforts raise important questions about how settler-based groups can grow and change to address environmental justice issues in a meaningful way.

It is a big question.The case study is in progress.

Meanwhile, we have been broadcasting an interview series, hosted on CKDU 88.1 FM in Halifax. We will be chatting with a variety of thinkers and players in the local environmental justice landscape, starting with a very basic question, which is WHAT IS ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE? And what could that look like here?

Listen in! Share your thoughts! And stay tuned for a podcast series this fall, that works to synthesize some of the perspectives offered throughout the interview series.



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