Introducing Season 2

What is environmental justice? And what could it look like here? The follow-up to the 2016 Shades of Green interview series is coming on February 1st.

"We Are All Treaty People" Strawbale House Resisting Alton Gas (photo by Sadie Beaton)

Peace, Friendship and Environmental Justice: The Alton Gas Resistance "We are all Treaty people." It's a phrase we're hearing more often these days. But what does it really mean, here in Mi'kma'ki? And what does it have to do with environmental justice? Most settlers don't think about the Treaties much. Even here in unceded Mi'kmaq territory, many of us imagine them as one-time … Continue reading Peace, Friendship and Environmental Justice: The Alton Gas Resistance

Toxic Legacy: Setting a Context for Environmental Racism in Nova Scotia Why are there so many garbage dumps close to African Nova Scotian communities? Why do Mi'kmaq communities experience food insecurity on their unceded territory? Who defines what counts as environmental racism? The roots of environmental racism run pretty deep in Nova Scotia.  About 500 years deep. On this episode of Shades of Green, we … Continue reading Toxic Legacy: Setting a Context for Environmental Racism in Nova Scotia

What is the environment and where is the justice? What is environmentalism? What do we mean when we talk about “the environment” here on unceded Mi'kmaq territory? Who defines what's included in that meaning, and what's left out?  At Shades of Green, these juicy questions have led to... well, more questions. The Canadian Encyclopedia tells us that the environmental movement got started in the … Continue reading What is the environment and where is the justice?

Sudha Nandagopal

Sudha Nandagopal oversees Seattle’s new environmental justice initiative — one of the only examples of its kind in the country. As program director, she convenes a working group that represents the interests of people of color, immigrants, refugees, and low-income and limited-English individuals in the face of environmental decision-making. Part of this work has been … Continue reading Sudha Nandagopal

Silver Donald Cameron

One of Canada's most versatile, experienced and busy, professional authors, Dr. Silver Donald Cameron is the Host and Executive Producer of, an environmental website devoted to in-depth conversations with thinkers and activists who are leading the way to a sustainable future. Interviewees have included green giants like Vandana Shiva, Farley Mowat, Robert Bateman, Jane … Continue reading Silver Donald Cameron

Catherine Martin and Natalie Clifford, pt 1

A member of Millbrook First Nation in Truro, Catherine Martin is an independent film producer, director, writer, facilitator, communications consultant, community activist, teacher, drummer, and the first female Mi’kmaw filmmaker from the Atlantic region. She also holds the Nancy's Chair in Women's Studies at Mount Saint Vincent University. Catherine’s daughter Natalie Clifford is a lawyer … Continue reading Catherine Martin and Natalie Clifford, pt 1


Hello and Welcome! This website is here to share an exploration of "environmental justice" in Nova Scotia, part of the unceded territory of Mi'kma'ki. This exploration is part of a case study being compiled as part of, Community Conservation Research Network (CCRN) case study at Ecology Action Centre (EAC), a non-governmental environmental organization (ENGO) based in Halifax, … Continue reading WELCOME TO SHADES OF GREEN

Mark Leeming

Mark Leeming is an historian, born in Pictou County, Nova Scotia and holds degrees from StFX, McMaster and Dalhousie. He is a recent SSHRC postdoctoral fellow through Memorial University of Newfoundland, where he studied the intellectual history of radical environmental ethics. He has published on the history of environmental protest music, on anti-nuclear activism and … Continue reading Mark Leeming

James Desmond

James Desmond lives in the small African Nova Scotian Community of Lincolnville and is a founding member of the Lincollnville Reserve Land Voice Council. James has been fighting on behalf of his community for over forty years, ever since an unlined and unwanted dump was sited there without community consent back in the early 1970s. … Continue reading James Desmond

Aaron Ward

Aaron Ward holds a law degree from Dalhousie’s Schulich School of Law, sits on the board of the Ecology Action Centre, and also sat on the board of directors of the East Coast Environmental Law Association until 2015, after which he took on a staff role. The East Coast Environmental Law Association, or ECELAW, is … Continue reading Aaron Ward

Dr. Ingrid Waldron

Dr. Ingrid Waldron holds a PhD from the Sociology & Equity Studies in Education Department at the University of Toronto, a MA in Intercultural Education: Race, Ethnicity and Culture from the University of London (England) and a BA in Psychology from McGill University. Her scholarship focuses specifically on the impact of inequality and discrimination on … Continue reading Dr. Ingrid Waldron